Celebrate with Me

  I am really excited about the holiday season this year. For years and years, the holidays were a source of a lot of my anxiety, but something feels different now... I would love to share my holiday cheer with you and be your go to holiday companion - because the I know this time of year can be tough for some. I have curated some holiday specific adventures and if you are feeling up for it, let's make the best of the season together. Also, I'm feeling like a mischievous little sugar plum fairy. Yes, use your imagination.

A Gift for You - You Are Allowed to Spoil Yourself - Go For It!


Cozy Brunch Date (4 hours)


I LOVE brunch. Let’s head over to one of the Fairmonts or any other comparable brunch spot and enjoy some mimosas and eggs bennies. I’ll have my cozies packed with me. After brunch let’s slip away and create a warm little escape of our own. Whether it we are spending time in a Jacuzzi tub, building a blanket fort or watching BBC Plant Earth (amongst other things) in bed, we are sure to leave feeling the warm and fuzzies.



Holiday Party Overnight (16 hours)


Okay, so you’ve been thinking about going alone again this year… but why? I vote that you bring your new charismatic “girlfriend”. I love nothing more than being able to go full bond-babe in a room full of unsuspecting people. Whoever you need by your side, I’m up to the challenge – with a wardrobe that covers full glamour, casual or my very own sexy Santa suit (don’t ask). Let’s get a room nearby and devour at each other with hungry eyes all night knowing what’s in store later. We'll be sure to sneak in some cheeky kisses every time we can. Whether you are looking for the perfect date to kiss you under the mistletoe or when the ball drops - consider me you ultimate, fun confidant. I’ll bring the hangover snacks!

Giving Back to the Community


I will be bringing winter items to PACE Society this holiday season. If you have any old winter wear, please bring them to your session and I can drop them off for you.



Spoil Someone Special (Who, Me?)

Here are some ideas:

I want to be your first - It gives me great joy to be with you while you experience something you've always wanted to, but just haven't gotten to yet. Fill me in on something you've always wanted to do and let's do it.

There's something so serene about enjoying a hot drink in a cold park, hand in hand. Let's go on cute cheesy dates!

Ooooh! I would absolutely love a sweet little escape with you. Let's plan a trip to see the Aurora Borealis and ride in dog sleighs up north OR let's head south and get silly in Vegas. My travel bug is speaking to me and I would love someone to share some fun luxurious 5-star escape with.

Oooh, and here's my Christmas wish list - shamelessly more wants than needs, but hey, that's what Christmas is for, right!

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