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  In industry terms, I am a low-volume "exclusive" provider. That sounds a little too stuffy for my antics, so I describe my approach as being a marathon runner, not a sprinter. My clients crave intimate, trustworthy connections. We travel together, celebrate fictional anniversaries and open ourselves up to new exciting experiences, as well as appreciating this small joys that companionship brings in to both of our lives.

I see individuals of all backgrounds, abilities, races, genders, sexual orientations and bodies. I have zero tolerance for discrimination and feel that everyone deserves to feel safe, loved and accepted.


First-Time Bookings


  Hello! Welcome! It’s honour to be considered as your first. I would love to assist you in any way I can. Please don't hesitate to ask.



  My place is stocked with mouth wash and all-natural, unscented toiletries to ensure we have the best experience possible. To avoid any awkward moments during session, please plan to shave, trim, file your nails, and wash thoroughly. Also, minimal cologne is appreciated.




 Requests! I am happy to discuss specific requests during or after our first meeting. Returning to the industry I vowed to keep my interactions as genuine and human as possible. I find that launching in to a laundry list of requests right off the bat is not my jam. Like a fine wine, I get better with time. Trust and rapport will work wonders behind closed doors.




 No reviews.





  In Canada, all hourly bookings will require a 25% deposit and a reference. For US or international bookings, please email me  to discuss. I do require a 50% deposit for FM2Y and extended bookings, the remaining balance is due upon arrival.


  My donations are non-negotiable. Please present the donation within the first moments of meeting OR you are welcome to prepay our visit. I accept Cash, EMT transfer (CAD) and Credit Card payments (5% fee). Please be prepared to send ID for CC payments.




  Deposits are transferable to a later date up to 24hrs prior to your appointment, any cancellations that occur within the 24hr period before your session time will result in your deposit being forfeited.

Small print: If you have to cancel a session, send 50-100% the session fee to have every lady fawning over how amazing you are.

Termination of Session/Communication

  Hi. I am an Aries. We are feisty, so don't test me. I reserve the right to terminate our session if I am not feeling safe and respected. I have zero tolerance for abusive language and zero time for individuals who insist on pushing boundaries.

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