You Spin Me...

I swear my brain has a lecture, disco inferno and multiple business/art ideas always playing, AT THE SAME TIME!

The one space where I find complete peace and joy is when I'm dancing. I'm the girl that absolutely refuses sit still at a concert/festival. I like to boogie and I LOVE music (all music).

When was the last time you let go? Like, actually left all your cares behind and let loose?

There's something so satisfying about being a conduit of somebody's self-expression, and the more care-free the better.

Here are some excerpts of my dancing adventures from around the globe:

We all danced, while we watched the sun peak, then pour over the mountainside. We did it. We danced the sun up. She greeted the Spanish soil and kissed our faces. We cheered and kissed each other.

We locked eyes through the crowd. "He's the soul king", my friend whispered. He dramatically reached his hand out in my direction, as if to summon me. I moved closer...

Then he threw his white coat jacket on the ground in front of us and insisted I dance on it with him. In that moment, the only thing my soul knew was soul music. I danced with The Soul King.

The fire felt bigger for some reason. Everything felt bigger in Africa. I kept close to the flames to stay warm but found myself drawn the this rhythmic beat. OMG Djembe drums in Africa! How could life get any sweeter? The topless women allowed their bodies to be moved. It was already intense... then one more drummer made his way through the crowd. He sat down and what happened next was nothing short of Magic. We all didn't exist in that moment. Just the sky, the fire and the beat of that drum.

Michaela Banks

Vancouver Ebony Escort

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