We Are Here for a Good Time!

Do you ever feel so hyper-focused and wound up that it's hard to take time away to have fun? Yes, me too! The thing is, I love working. I love feeling focused and accomplishing things at the speed of light. One thing I've noticed recently though, is that the really big things, that ones that change your life, take time to unfold. For someone as impatient as I am, AHHHHHHHHHH - that can be frustrating.

Anyhoo, in the meantime, I remembered that it's important to have fun~

So far this summer, I've had the pleasure of:

1) Dancing in the mud with my rain boots on

2) Floating down a creek on a tiny inflatable tube during the heat of the day

3) Buying my mom more plant babies than her house can handle

4) Taking a healthy dose of Psilocybin and giggling until it hurts

5) Beating my record on the stairs! Whoo!

6) So many sunny seawall walks I've lost count

7) My first threesome dinner date!

8) Heading to my 3rd music fest of the summer this weekend

How's your summer been so far?

Love always,

Michaela Banks

Ebony Escort Vancouver

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