Made of Fire: An Aries Baby

They didn't spare any fire when they made me.

You know, I've always pondered horoscopes and whether or not to believe in them. I find comforting feeling like little piece of us have been written in the stars.

So, me, an Aries... What to expect?

Well, first of all - we are hard-headed & stubborn.

We fight for what we believe in and face most challenges head on. The opinions of others rarely bother us. We know what we like, how to get it and how to do it efficiently. Subtlety is not our forte, so direct communication, like cash, is king.

We make great leaders. Aries have a natural charm to them, and this combined with their ability to navigate both challenges and ANY social situations with ease, attracts followers quickly. They can have an entire room eating out of the palm of their hand in moments. It's really quite remarkable (I have a lot of Aries friends).

We are adventurous and bold. Sky diving, motorcycles, swimming with sharks (next on my list) - are just a normal day in the office. If you need an adventure partner, get yourself an Aries.

Along with the Scorpios, Aries create a special magic in the bedroom. We transcend sensuality and it's intense! What I love though, is that we are not the type that needs to brag about it. It's very obvious to the untrained eye - but we will never confirm of deny it. You must find out on your own.

Admittedly, I burn brightly, and sometimes I burn myself out. That's when I need a warm cuddle, a rice krispie square and someone to pet my hair and tell me everything will be alright. We are big softies on the inside that want love - just like everyone else.

Yours truly,

Michaela Banks, an Aries

Ebony Escort Vancouver

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