love & heartbreak

This crazy ride of love and heartbreak i.e. life and death

Three years ago, the love of my life, my mom, was diagnosed with a strange form of incurable cancer. My life experience so far was that grandmothers and grandfathers died. That’s normal happens all the time, but mother’s, father’s sibling’s and lover’s… they’re supposed to be around forever… just like me, right?

You can imagine how hard this mortality bit has hit me.

I’m sure you can relate. We can all relate because there are things in this life that are inevitable.

So if you’re in the process of losing someone or have lost someone – I feel you. I feel you so deeply and with all my heart. I hope you can find comfort in knowing you aren’t alone and that I am here with you in this human experience

… and we will get through it.


Yours truly,

Michaela Banks, grieving in words

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