Interview with Michaela Banks, Vancouver's Premiere Ebony Escort

Vancouver's sweetest ebony escort gives us the dirty deetz!

What’s your favourite colour?

It varies. My original favourite colour was purple though.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Anyone who played James Bond. Daniel Craig is my current crush, but Idris Elba looks like he’s coming up next (fingers crossed)!

Are you bi?

I am bi. I am queer.

What’s your heritage?

I’m an exotic mix of Canadian & not-Canadian (wink wink)

What got you in to the industry?

Well, nothing really ‘got’ me in to the industry, it just kind of happened. I’ve been intrigued by SW since I was in my later teens, but something in me wanted to wait until I was mature enough because taking the plunge. I am so happy I did take the plunge though.

What do you love most about it (the industry)?

I love the freedom, the challenges and the amazing connections I get to make. I am an entrepreneur through and through. The industry taught me a number of skills that I use in my muggle businesses as well. Also, I’m a firm believer that the right people come in to your life at the right time, so my path has crossed with the most amazing people and I have had the most amazing adventures because of it.

Tell me one thing about yourself that I don’t know

I love to teach myself how to be an expert at (many) things. Sometimes I don’t notice that I’m doing it, but I love figuring out how things work.

What’s the last thing you taught yourself?

How to set up ticketing of a concert hall in Eventbrite. Haha, that was definitely something new and exciting, but hey, if you need me to set up your event - I’m qualified.

Seduce me in one sentence

{Purr} Have you tried my Nachos?

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