I Am My Wildest Dreams

Years ago I broke up with the conventional life, because it almost killed me. Ever since, it's been a challenge forging my new path, but this path feels 100% true to my heart.

I've always been a wanderer, a lover, a healer and joyful free-thinker, but these last couple of years I have found my purpose.

If you told me 5 years ago that I would be standing here today...

I think I would've have believed it, but I wouldn't have grasped all the hard work, all the sacrifices and the incredible rewards that got me from point 'a' to 'b'. I wouldn't have believed that I would actually design my life from the ground up and shape it in to whatever my heart desires.

Over the next 5 years I'd like to:

Gain 5-7 solid connections (quality>quantity)

- Amorous respectful benefactors

- Individuals that need exactly what I have to offer them (Love, excitement and many other things)

Own my own property

Finish my motorcycle licensing process and get an Africa Twin (plus my first overseas motorcycle trip)

Be the best coach I can be and gain even more coaching clients

Fall in love (with people, places and things, over and over again)

Further my education and advocate on behalf of marginalized communities

Get a greyhound dog

Run the seawall regularly

Tour Canada regularly

Have a walk in closet (LOL)

Haha you have to dream big, right!

Anyways, I hope you are experiencing some magic in your life right now, and if you aren't - maybe you need to come see me.

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