Dirty Thirties?

Something that you are taught to never embrace in this industry – age. Welp,

My 30’s are happening!

I entered SW in the second half of my 20s. Everyone I met told me that I could be posting at 22-23 range. My first thought was why on earth would I want to do that! My 20s sucked (in comparison)!

This year I finally feel like I’ve settled in to my 30s. Thankfully what they say about 'black don't crack' is 100% TRUE.

There’s something about the comfort and confidence I have as a woman, and in my femininity, that has proven to be quite magnetic as of late. With that, there’s been this resurgence in my sexuality as well. It’s not that I’m ravenous… ok, maybe it is, but also, I’m ready to explore more.

I have strong feelings of 'growing in to myself', which include understooding parts of my identity better as well.

Fun fact: I am sexually attracted to anyone that provides and cares for me, regardless of gender, race, ability, etc. When a person makes me feel safe and cared for, I get weak in the knees and also go out of my way to make them feel the same. I used to feel ashamed of this when I was younger – can you believe that!

So this is a love letter to my thirties -- may you be filled with authentic fulfilling connections and by being a badass boss babe.

OH! And the sex! The sex is going to be amazing.

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