An Overnight with Michaela Banks

I woke up not-so-bright-eyed and bushy haired. Mornings are hard, lol. It takes a special kind of lover for me to share these intimate, disheveled moments with. Thank you for making fun of my hair in the a.m. and for checking to see if I slept well. My heart is full.

Last night I fell asleep in your arms, feeling so content with your attentiveness throughout what turned out to be the best night ever.

An Overnight from my Perspective

When I receive an overnight request, I am delighted. Not only do I feel special, but it’s an honour for my presence to be desired and trusted in such a way.

To prepare, I start with blocking off my schedule so there are no interference's before, during or after. I am aware of your investment, so I do everything I can on my end to ensure I am present and capable of giving you my full, undeniable attention.

I find that during our overnight, which usually consists of a dinner, etc. things flow naturally. There’s really no need to be aware of the time and I tend to settle in to my goofy self quite quickly. Humor sarcasm and affection are some of my favourite ways to get closer to you. Intimacy is something I love to share. It's the perfect aphrodisiac.

FAQs of Overnights

Do you do overnights with people you haven’t met before?

Yes. I can get a good sense of us being a good fit via our communication beforehand. I only schedule one dinner date per day and I am usually open to extending it to an overnight. Especially if there is an undeniable spark. You only live once, right?

It's expensive! Why do providers charge so much?

I can only answer for myself here. When you leave with that 'wow, that was awesome' look on your face, I know I've done a good job. Prep for overnights start days in advance. If you are going to invest in me, I want you to feel invested in too. Let's just say you'll leave feeling like a king.

Do we have to sleep?

Yes. Sadly, I’m a mere mortal human and need 7hrs of sleep. I usually bring earplugs and melatonin to help with that. The goal is to enjoy waking up with someone.

What if I just want (to cuddle, try kink, help planning my next vacation, etc.)?

As long as I'm with you, I'm happy as a clam. We communicate our needs before, during and after, to ensure things go as planned.

To experience an overnight is to really get a true GFE experience. You get to see me done up to the 9s, then slightly disheveled in a robe taking my morning tea. If you truly want a well-rounded experience that leads to longer term options – try an overnight.

Send me a message and we can chat about it.

Vancouver's Sexy Curvy Black Escort, Michaela Banks

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